The background of our fashion brand is not the typical one founded in a big city and based on experience from endless working hours in a big, international fashion house.
Fogg Gildeskål is different. It is two sisters grown up in Gildeskål in Northern Norway, one is an architect and the other a professional at hand sewing bunads, who founded a menswear fashion brand together. We combine our background in modern design and traditional handicraft with the rawness of the Arctic, and design clean clothing made from pure wool.
Our beanies, scarves and tank tops make you look good, are functional, fit any occasion and they quickly become long-lasting favourite garments.
We belive that a sustainable lifestyle is to choose quality over quantity, simplicity over complexity and nature over synthetics. Our philosophy is seen through our choice of natural textiles, local production and high quality at all levels. The big fashion industry is driven by other forces and values, and we know we are on the road less travelled with our small Arctic brand, but hey that’s where the fun is, where we grow and where anything can happen.
So bring a beanie, a scarf and join us on the road less travelled!


Phone: +47 465 38 293

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Gøril Pedersen
Designer and CEO
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Frøydis Pedersen
Designer and Creative Director
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New stockist

Do you want to become a Fogg Gildeskål stockist? Send us an e-mail with a presentation of your store and we will get back to you.





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