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Øya x Fogg Gildeskål beanie

This beanie is a brand new collaboration between Fogg Gildeskål and Øyafestivalen, Norway's biggest and coolest music festival. We are very proud to present a pure merino wool beanie at the festival this year! Norwegian music and Norwegian fashion in cahoots!

Clean design, super lightweight and no itchy wool – it can be worn in many different ways and with all styles.

Make sure to get yourself this perfect late, summer garment and feel the festival vibe.




500 kr
Blix by Lund x Losvik x Fogg Gildeskål – Scarf

The scarf is a collaboration between musican/composer Håvard Lund, artist/illustrator Martin Losvik and Fogg Gildeskål.

It is based on the cover of Lund’s cd Blix by Lund where Lund interprets Elias Blix’ hymns. The famous professor, theologian, hymn writer and politician Elias Blix originated from Gildeskål. And this modern creative collaboration  forms a string back to his time and his work which was very influenced by his adolescence in Gildeskål.

1.100 kr
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